WPAP Pet Portrait

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A custom made pet portrait created by Michael, a professional WPAP artist.

WPAP is a very unique modern style of a digital art form, connected to the name of Wedha Abdul Rashid, known as "The Father of Enlightenment in Indonesia”. The style takes origin in 1970 and is getting more and more popular. Inspired by the works of the cubists, this style features sharp single lines and strong colors which makes it a favorite among young modern progressive people with appreciation for vibrant colors and unique style.

The picture will be created from the photo you send, so make sure to send high quality images for better results. The portraits are usually ready within 5-7 business days. 

Remember that you can order just the digital file and print it yourself later (the files are in .jpg or .png formats which are the most widely used formats and can be printed on any device) or you can order printing and shipping from us (See Printing and Shipping for fees and terms).

We encourage you to contact our customer support service at with any questions. We’ll be happy to answer any of your requests.

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