Lichtenstein Style Pop Art Pet Portrait

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Lichtenstein style is a part of pop art style culture that was born in 60s and is still admired to this day for it's simplicity, bright colors and techniques combination.

Lichtenstein's emphasis on methods of mechanical reproduction - particularly through his signature use of Ben-Day dots - highlighted one of the central lessons of Pop art, that all forms of communication, all messages, are filtered through codes or languages.

Lichtenstein pop art style is a well known form of image reproduction where the picture looks like it was copied through a number of digital art techiques.

The portraits are usually ready within 3-5 business days. Any adjustments or improvements (if you need them after you see the finished product) will be done at no extra charge. Please make sure to send several high-quality photos for reference.

You can order just the digital file and print it yourself later (the files are in .jpg or .png formats which are the most widely used formats and can be printed on any device) or you can order printing and shipping from us (See Printing and Shipping for fees and terms).

We encourage you to contact our customer support service at with any questions. We’ll be happy to answer any of your requests.

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