Pastel Pet Portrait

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A custom made pet portrait in pastel created by Olga, a professional pastel artist.


Pastel portraits offer great variety of techniques to achieve desired effect. This artistic medium requires a lot of experience in academic art and color theory. Our professional artist will create for you a high quality pastel picture of your pet.

Pastel pictures are created by special pastel pencils on paper.  This is a perfect choice for those who appreciate warm color hues and pleasant texture. All our portraits are hand drawn using the photos of your pets sent for references and the ideas you describe. It can be a simple full body or half body portrait with or without background. You can choose the pose and the details of the composition or trust our skilled artist Olga to make this decision based on her rich experience.

By ordering a pastel portrait not only will you get an original picture shipped to your delivery address packed in a safe tube, but we will also email you a high quality scanned copy of the picture that can be used as a print for a poster, cup, t-shirt, etc.

Please bear in mind that the artist is physically located in Ukraine, which means the delivery may take 3-4 weeks. If you prefer to have a printed copy delivered to you on poster or canvas, please contact our customer support service at

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