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How to Create the Perfect Easter Egg Dog Hunt

Mar 13, 2024

Easter is a fun time of year for everyone. Filled with Easter egg hunts, chocolate, cake, and more, this time of year never disappoints. For many of us, it’s the first time we see the Spring sunshine after months of cold, wintery weather. But Easter is not just for us humans! There are lots of ways we can bring our furry friends into the fun, too – whether they’re excitable little puppies or older dogs.

One of the best ways to get our furry friends involved is an Easter treasure hunt designed especially for dogs. Yes, it’s possible! And although a dog-themed Easter egg hunt might look a little different from our typical human ones, the basics are still the same.

Creating the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt For Your Dog

If you’ve ever designed an Easter egg hunt before, you’re in luck. Creating a treasure hunt for your dog is actually pretty similar to creating one for us humans! Whether you’re a complete novice or an Easter egg expert, follow these steps, and you’ll never go wrong.

Choose Your Eggs

Choosing the right eggs is an important part of creating a successful Easter egg hunt.

Plastic eggs are a popular choice for dog-themed hunts because you can open them up and put treats inside. However, it’s important to make sure they’re the right size for your dog! If the eggs are too small, they might cause your dog to choke. Not to mention, the flimsier the egg, the easier your dog’s sharp canines will be able to chew it into pieces. Medium-sized plastic eggs or even tennis balls are a good way to ensure a fun and safe Easter egg hunt.

Make sure you can open the eggs to hide your pup’s favorite treats or some food inside. We also recommend making some small holes in them to let the smell out, making it easier for your dog to find the egg and their treat.

Alternatively, if you have an Easter egg mold, you could make some edible eggs for your dog to find!

Important Tip – Don’t actually put any chocolate in these eggs! Chocolate is super harmful to dogs and can make them really sick. If you’re not sure what other foods you should be avoiding, make sure to check out this article for human food that can be toxic to dogs.

Colorful plastic Easter eggs

Choose Your Setting

Choosing the right place will help you create a safe and fun environment for your dog’s Easter egg hunt. A spacious garden with lots of hiding spots is perfect for your Easter egg hunt.

However, if your garden isn’t big enough (or you don’t have one), you could always try a public space like a park. Just make sure to keep your dog on their leash and guide them to the eggs so they won’t wander off or disturb other people. It’s also important to note that other dogs might come across your eggs before yours does!

Hide Your Eggs

Once you’ve chosen your eggs and filled them with delicious treats your dog won’t be able to resist, it’s time to hide them. It’s important to find a balance – you don’t want to make it too easy for your dog, but you also don’t want to make it difficult, either. Choose realistic hiding spots like flower beds or trees and shrubs. You could even encourage your dog to dig for them.

Keep track of the number of eggs you’ve hidden (and how many your dog manages to find) so you don’t leave any behind when it comes to packing away.

Time to Find Your Eggs

Once you’ve set the stage for your perfect Easter egg hunt, it’s time to find them! Encourage your dog to use their instincts to sniff out the eggs. Once they come across an egg, don’t let them chew through it, as this might cause a choking hazard. Instead, open it up and give them the treat. Don’t forget to give your dog plenty of praise and pets for finding the egg, too! Then, it’s on to the next one.

If your dog is struggling to find the eggs, guide them in the right direction. This will keep your Easter egg hunt down to a reasonable time and make sure your furry friends don’t get bored.

Collect Any Leftover Eggs

Once the hunt is over, don’t forget to collect any leftover eggs! If you leave them behind, they could end up attracting animals on the hunt for food. This is especially important if you decide to set the Easter egg hunt in a public place, as it’s not just other animals who will find it – other dogs will, too.

Leave the place as you found it, no matter where you decided to set your Easter egg hunt.

Easter eggs in the grass

It’s Always Better Together

Who says Easter egg hunting has to be solo? In fact, you might find it so much more fun if you make it a puppy party! Invite all your dog owner friends over for an Easter egg hunt. You don’t have to organize the whole event yourself. Encourage your fellow pet parents to bring their own eggs and treats for their dogs. After all, every single dog is different and will like different treats.

If one of you has a big garden, they could always host the hunt. Alternatively, you can set up in the park, too, just like you would if you were organizing a solo hunt.

Don’t forget refreshments for the humans, too. Planning an Easter egg dog hunt is thirsty work!

How to Keep It Fair

If you choose to let other dogs join your Easter egg hunt, it’s important to keep things fair. All dogs are different, with different personalities – some are more boisterous, and others might be shy, reserved, or even anxious. Here are some quick tips to make sure your event remains fair for every pup involved.

Take Turns

With every Easter egg hunt, there’s always one person who wants to snag all the treats, and our dogs are no different. Some dogs will be quicker than others, whether that’s down to age or temperament. By making sure your dogs take turns, every single poodle, lab, or shepherd will get their chance to find the tasty treats. This way, you can stop enthusiastic dogs before they snag them all or spend time encouraging shyer and older dogs who might be slower at finding the eggs.

Keep The Dogs on the Leads

It may be tempting to let all the dogs loose and see what chaos unfolds, but it’s important to manage their excitement, especially if you’re in a public place. Keeping your dogs on the lead will stop them from scuffling with other dogs over eggs and help maintain a peaceful environment for furry friends and humans alike. (Or… as peaceful as you can get with a group of enthusiastic dogs.)

Dog in bunny ears

Best Treats and Foods for the Eggs

Choosing the right treats for your eggs is no easy task! They’re super important for the success of the Easter egg hunt, so the pressure’s on. Anything too bland might be hard for your dog to pick up on, and they may get distracted, especially with all those other outdoorsy smells.

Here are our recommendations

  • Dog chocolate - Please note that this is chocolate made specifically for dogs, and not any old chocolate picked up off the shelves. Real chocolate can have disastrous effects on your dog’s health, no matter the amount they eat. Luckily, dog-specific chocolate is a specially formulated recipe, including ingredients that are entirely safe for dogs. Your pups can enjoy all the fun of Easter without any health risks!
  • Fresh meat - Any dog owner knows this type of treat is irresistible for dogs. It has a strong smell, too, so it should be easy for your pup to find! Just make sure it’s cooked properly and free from any bones or seasoning, which can be harmful to our furry friends.
  • Store-bought dog treats – You can’t go wrong with your dog’s favorite dog treats! The great thing about them is that they come in all different shapes, flavors, and sizes, so you can find the perfect choice for your eggs.
  • Homemade dog treats – If you enjoy baking, why not try out some homemade dog treats? Even better if they’re Easter-themed. There are so many simple, dog-safe recipes out there that you can try for your dog. It may take some experimenting to see what they like the best, but it’s worth it in the end.


Wrapping Up

There’s a reason Easter egg hunts are so popular. They’re fun and exciting, making them the perfect way to celebrate spring. And the best thing about them is they’re just not for humans! By following our steps above, you can create an exciting Easter egg hunt for your dog, whether solo or in a group of your fellow dog lovers. All you need is a couple of eggs, the right setting, and some tasty treats to gobble up. Your dog won’t be able to keep your paws off them!