Meet The Team

Art created by pet lovers for pet lovers.

Leo, Cute Cavapoo & Co-Founder

Leo is the brand dog at the heart of the business. Don’t miss his newsletter that goes out to our Pet Portraits friends and family. He's a master of eating eggs and chasing birds.

Thomas, Founder and CEO

Thomas, a serial entrepreneur, not only leads Pet Portraits – he also cherishes engaging with our customers. His vision and love for pets are the essence of our brand.

Olivia, Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Olivia strategizes with Thomas and Leo. She ensures operations run smoothly and our team thrives. Her love for pets, processes, and people fuels our success.

Anna, Email Marketing & Content Manager

Anna, our email marketing wizard, blends precision and creativity in every message. Her attention-seeking cat has become a regular attendee of our team meetings.

Courtney, Client Relationship Manager

Courtney, our client relationship manager, ensures every Pet Portraits experience is seamless and memorable. Her dedication shines in every interaction.

Ana, Lead Designer & Manager

Ana, our fantastic lead designer, brings a unique blend of warmth and passion to our art. She handles product development and ensures quality in our designs.

Phola Pemba, Digital PR Outreach Manager

Phola, our dynamic outreach manager, excels at boosting brand awareness through strategic press features. She helps us stay connected with our audiences through brand-aligned publications and stories.

Ana Kurtsikidze, Interior Design Expert

Ana, CEO at ArcheA Studio in NYC, excels in global architectural and design projects. Educated at Tbilisi Academy of Art, she's our in-house interior design expert at Pet Portraits, infusing spaces with unique creativity.

Malak Bellajdel, Interior Design Expert

Malak, based in California, was nominated as one of Interior Design Magazine's '30 Under 30 Top Designers' in 2023. She holds a B.Arch in Architecture from The Academy of Art University and has also studied at the École Nationale d’Architecture Paris-Val de Seine.

Who we are

Here at Pet Portraits, we are a community united by the love we share for our pets. This is what drives us to craft elegant custom art our clients can be proud to hang on their walls.

As pet lovers ourselves, we understand that every single pet is special, which is why our approach is personal. We work with our clients to help design long-lasting tributes to the furry family members that bring endless joy and happiness to all our lives.

What we do

We specialize in creating custom pet portraits that capture more than a likeness - they capture a feeling. Our talented designers work on each individual piece with care and dedication to ensure your art is a true reflection of your pet’s unique character and your own personal style.

We approach every portrait with our three top values in mind: unparalleled design, boldness and grit, and an exceptional client experience.

But our love for pets extends far beyond our homes. Each purchase helps feed rescued animals in need, giving a deeper meaning to every single portrait we create.

How it started

When they moved into their own home together, Thomas and Olivia Phillips were faced with blank, empty walls staring back at them and a challenge: how could they bring warmth and character into their new home?

The answer was staring right back at them with his fluffy tail, button nose, and sweet, puppy-dog eyes. It was their beloved cavapoo, Leo, who inspired those early versions of what Pet Portraits would soon become. Thomas and Olivia recognized an opportunity to combine the love they had for Leo with a sophisticated and stylish design. With the help of a designer friend, they managed to create stunning art that served as a centerpiece, filling their blank walls with love and reflecting the deep bond they shared with their pet.

And they just knew other pet owners would feel the same.

But it wasn’t always easy.

To bring their vision to their clients, Thomas and Olivia needed a skilled team of designers who understood how to capture each pet’s individual character in art.

In a world of AI, they wanted to nurture real talent. They refined an extensive certification course that each artist needed to pass to meet their standards, ensuring every single pet's personality was crafted with skill, love, and devotion.

Today, Pet Portraits is made up of a thriving community of certified artists, each bringing their own unique art style to every piece. Thomas and Olivia brought their vision to life, inspiring pets and their families worldwide, filling their homes with heartfelt pet tributes tailored specially for them.

Press Enquiries

For press coverage, please visit our official press page here.

At Pet Portraits, we're always excited to share our story and collaborate with journalists, bloggers, and other media professionals. If you're interested in featuring our unique custom pet portraits, discussing our mission, or exploring our creative process, we'd be delighted to connect with you.

Our team is eager to provide you with the information, images, and insights you need for your story. Let's work together to spread the joy and magic of Pet Portraits!

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