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The 10 Most Photogenic Cat Breeds

Feb 26, 2024

Here at Pet Portraits, we believe that every single cat is beautiful in their own way – especially in the eyes of their owner. However, certain cat breeds stand out not just for their unique personalities but also for their beautiful photogenic qualities and interesting characteristics. There are different things that make different breeds stand out – both in photographs and in real life. For example, the striking patterns of the Bengal or the broad nose of the majestic Maine Coon.

Here's a look at the ten most photogenic cat breeds and what makes each breed unique.

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What Makes a Cat Photogenic?

Contrary to popular belief, photogenic cats don’t just look pretty. They can capture our attention and hearts through more than just their physical appearance alone – it’s all about their personality. Whether they have big, beautiful eyes they use to beg for treats or large paws that show off how majestic they are, photogenic cats have personalities that shine through the lens of the camera or the screen of a phone.

Here are some things that make a cat photogenic.

Expressive Eyes

Even those who don’t own cats will recognize the iconic image of a cat’s eye. There’s even a cat's eye stone that’s believed to help ward off evil, acting as a talisman to protect against danger.

Any cat owner knows how expressive their eyes can be and how they can convey a world of emotion at times. It’s amazing how their eyes might dilate when they’re playing, giving them a kitten-like appearance, or how they might sharpen into slits when they’re hunting their prey. Eyes can change based on breed, too, from the piercing gaze of a Siamese to the deep pools of a Ragdoll's blue depths.

Close up of cat's expressive eyes

Distinctive Coat Patterns and Colors

Cats with unique coat patterns and colors often stand out in photos. Long-haired cats can look so fluffy that you wish to reach into the photo and pet them, whereas short-haired cats might exhibit a soft, smooth, velvet-like appearance. There are hundreds of cats online who have gone viral due to their distinctive markings. Dark fur around the eyes can make them look like they’re wearing glasses, or they may have heart-shaped patches on their bodies. You’ll find interesting patterns on all types of cats, no matter their breed.

Unusual Physical Traits

Photogenic cats will likely possess physical traits that set them apart from others. This can range from the luxurious mane of a Maine Coon to the compact, rounded face of a Persian. These distinctive features can highlight the personality of your pet, making them look majestic, playful, mischievous, or even shy at times – all things that make for great photos.

Happy cat being stroked under the chin

Personality and Emotion

A cat's personality can enhance their photogenic qualities in leaps and bounds. Capturing a cat's character, whether that’s curiosity or contemplation, goes beyond the appearance of your furry friend.

Natural Poses and Expressions

Photogenic cats often give off a relaxed aura, which allows their true personality to shine through. Whether it's a shot of your cat mid-yawn or a majestic pose on their favorite perch, natural expressions make for extremely captivating photos.

What Are the Most Photogenic Cats?

If your cat breed isn’t on here, that doesn’t mean they’re not photogenic. Remember, there are a lot of things that come down to whether a cat is photogenic or not, and here at Pet Portraits, we don’t like to play favorites. However, the following cat breeds are praised for being the most beautiful.

1. Maine Coon

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is hard to miss. This beautiful breed features a majestic mane like a lion, a sweeping, bushy tail, long, tufted ears, and big paws. You’ll also find a pair of large, expressive eyes on this type of cat.

These cats are big. In fact, they’re one of the biggest breeds in the domestic cat world and can grow to the size of a small dog. But don’t let their size put you off! Maine Coons are often referred to as the gentle giant of the cat world, and that’s all down to their gentle, friendly, and laid-back nature. In fact, Maine Coons are known to chirp and trill more than other cats, which can sometimes sound at odds with their powerful appearance. Thanks to how relaxed these cats are, it’s easy for their owners to capture special moments of beauty and grace.

2. Ragdoll


Ragdolls are known for their striking ocean-blue eyes, long, silky coats, and fluffy tails. They tend to have darker faces around the eye and nose area that lighten as their fur flares out.

Like the Maine Coon, Ragdolls are big cats, but their nature is friendly, gentle and trusting. It’s not uncommon for a Ragdoll to go limp in their owner’s arms once they’re picked up – or even fall asleep! They’re even known for rolling over to show you their tummy, which, in cat language, is the ultimate expression of trust.

3. Bengal


The Bengal cat is beautifully exotic-looking, muscular, and wild. And with their vivid coats and unique markings, it’s no surprise how easily they draw the eye. A Bengal’s patterns can range from marbling to spots. They also sport large, expressive eyes and round faces.

Bengals are lively, curious, and playful beings, which provide endless opportunities for unique photos that truly capture their remarkable personalities. Ever the adventurer, there’s never a dull moment with this type of cat.

4. Birman


With their deep blue eyes and luxurious, silky coats, these beautiful cats look like they’ve stepped straight out of a picture book. But it’s their white paws that truly set them apart, looking as if each cat has put on a pair of distinguished, white gloves!

Like most cats, Birmans are curious beings, but they’re also known for their gentle and affectionate personalities, which are what makes them such perfect pets. In fact, Birmans have even ended up with the nickname “velcro cats” because they tend to follow their owners around!

5. Persian


The Persian cat’s most defining feature is its distinctive, squashed face, which can make it look grumpy at times – but don’t be fooled! This type of cat is friendly with everyone and generally relaxed – these laid-back fur balls don’t mind changes in routine and are happy to go with the flow. Their luxurious fur coats and huge, bushy tails are soft to the touch, and their round eyes hold a world of emotions, making them perfect photography subjects. You’ll find Persian cats in all different colors and patterns, which only adds to the beauty of this breed.

6. Siamese


Siamese cats are known for their striking contrast of colors. You’ll often find patches of black fur on their paws, noses, and ears as if they’ve been dipped in soot, which creates a contrast with the rest of their body. Their softer coats are silky to the touch, and they tend to have an almond-shaped blue gaze that can pierce through you.

Thanks to their sleek, muscular bodies, the Siamese is one of the most graceful of the cat breeds. In terms of temperament, these cats are outgoing and extroverted and adore attention from their owners, which helps create trusting bonds. With all these physical attributes and qualities, it’s no wonder that they make such fascinating photo subjects.

7. Russian Blue

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue features a beautiful plush blue-gray fur coat (hence the name) and bright green eyes that shine with curiosity, which can be easily captured in any photo. In terms of demeanor, this breed of cat is affectionate and calm but can also be shy and more reserved than other breeds of cat.

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8. Siberian


These stunning cats are 90% fur. They feature thick, water-resistant coats and round, expressive eyes that come in all different colors. Like other breeds of long-haired cats, Siberians have big, bushy tails reminiscent of the forests from which they originated. They are loyal, playful, and adventurous, which means it’s easy for their owners to capture action shots.

9. British Shorthair

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is beloved for its round, chubby cheeks, dense coat, and large, round eyes, all of which give it a charming, teddy bear-like appearance. They are known for their calm personality, often appearing lost in thought when their owners capture a photo. This cat breed comes in a variety of different colors, but the blue-gray coat is particularly striking against their orange eyes.

10. Norwegian Forest

Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest cat is another breed that looks like it’s stepped out of a fairy tale, thanks to its beautiful fur coat, striking gaze, and bushy tail. This cat has a wild and rugged appearance, with tufts of fur on its ears and between its toes designed to help it navigate its native snowy landscapes. The playful and affectionate nature of the Norwegian Forest shines through in photographs, capturing their spirit of adventure and love for life.

Final Thoughts

Each of these cat breeds offers something unique to the world of feline photography, from the silky coats of Ragdolls to the wild patterns of Bengals. Their distinctive personalities and traits make them not just beloved pets but also perfect subjects for photographers aiming to capture the beauty and diversity of the cat world.