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2024 Interior Design Trends: Making It Personal

Mar 5, 2024

Interior design trends are constantly changing, influenced by cultural shifts, technology advancements, and lifestyle changes. As we look ahead into 2024, the concept of making interior design personal is becoming more popular each day.

What makes your house yours is the interpretation of your own life into your home. For example, if you are a sportsman, you may wish to decorate your house with medals, sports illustrations, favorite sports moments, and so on. This way, whenever you have visitors, they will know exactly what type of person you are and what you like.

Let's go through some trends and see how we can make our homes look cozy in a way that reflects our personalities and moods.

Green Living

House plants perched in a windowsil

Most of today's trends are connected to either green life or technology. People love to include these trends in their designs. Finding the balance between personal life, trends, and the overall design will make the look of your home even better. Finding balance is what it's all about. We can create balance by experimenting, designing, and trying new things.

Green living is more than just a trend. It is a lifestyle for people who are taking our ecosystem seriously. This lifestyle is about planting different flowers, filling houses with various trees and plants, and creating a flourishing environment. Ultimately, it brings peace and calmness to a home.

This trend is best for people who are very invested in the environment's health. This type of design already makes the house personal, and when someone visits, they will immediately know what kind of person the owner is.

Another excellent way to create a calm and cozy space is to use wooden textures. This trend was one of the most popular last year and has taken over this year. It gives us the potential to create harmony in our personal lives and design, creating a cozy environment. No matter what furniture or personal items you use to decorate your home, it will not overcrowd the house if it matches the house's colors.

This type of design is pet-friendly and allows you to adapt it based on the mood you want to create.


A stylish kitchen with an oven and refrigerator on display

Technology has become critical in our everyday lives. We use it daily, and we’ll keep using it. However, many people believe that the amount of technology we need is getting out of hand. Some people appreciate the influx of technology, but others hate to see it in their homes every day.

This is why some people prefer to create designs that hide the technology inside them, such as cupboards with a built-in fridge or dishwasher. They may be hidden from the eye, but you can still use them.

This is one way to create an environment where your designs are not limited by technology. You can match the style to your needs.

However, if you like to show off the stuff you use, creating balance will be easier for you. It’s a challenge to match various tech colors and merge them to create one harmonic environment. Because of this, your home already has personality. Whether you design a house where plants take over or you decide to keep everything white, it’s all up to you.

What really brings personality into your house are decorations and design ideas that represent your mood, emotions, and personality.

Putting up posters, hanging pictures up, using different lighting, and placing your achievements on the walls make a home a home. It is your life, after all; no trend should influence you to create something you don't like just to fit in. Buying trendy lamps and decors that people advertise just because they're trendy is ridiculous. You should be able to decide what fits your house based on whether or not you like that.

By integrating these design strategies, you can create spaces that are not only on-trend for 2024 but also deeply personal and reflective of your unique style. These tips offer a roadmap for transforming your home into a sanctuary that celebrates individuality while embracing the latest in design innovation.

Embrace Curvaceous Forms in Furniture and Storage

Introduce furniture with organic curves and shapes to add a sense of movement and softness to spaces. Curvaceous cabinetry, in particular, combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering unique storage solutions that are both practical and visually inviting. This trend is a nod to Italian design aesthetics, emphasizing customizability to match personal tastes​​.

Patio with outdoor furniture

Create Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Encourage a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor areas by selecting furniture and decor that can be used in both settings. This approach not only expands living space but also brings the calming qualities of nature indoors. To achieve a cohesive look, consider incorporating chic outdoor lighting, comfortable seating, and weather-resistant textiles​​.

Inject Positivity with Dopamine Décor

Elevate mood and ambiance by integrating dopamine décor into your design. Choose bold, vibrant colors and playful patterns to infuse energy and joy into every room. This approach encourages creativity and personal expression, making spaces feel more alive and inviting​​.

Incorporate Timeless Mid-Century Modern Elements

Lean into the timeless appeal of mid-century modern design by selecting pieces that highlight sleek lines and organic forms. This style perfectly marries aesthetics with functionality, offering a clean, uncluttered look that remains enduringly stylish​​.

A mirror used in interior design

Utilize Unique Mirrors

Add depth and interest to rooms with mirrors with unique shapes or oversized dimensions. This simple addition can transform any space, making it feel more extensive and luxuriously appointed. Mirrors also offer a practical way to reflect natural light, enhancing the brightness and openness of your interior​​.

Revive Vintage Charm with Illustrated Tiles and Checkerboard Patterns

For those seeking to add character and nostalgia to their homes, consider using illustrated tiles for backsplashes or accent walls. Additionally, checkerboard patterns can introduce a playful, vintage vibe to floors or textiles, blending well with modern and classic decor​​.

Revisit the Seventies with Retro Inspirations

Embrace the optimism and free-spiritedness of the seventies by incorporating elements such as dark woods, lacquered surfaces, and shaggy rugs. This trend celebrates the era's distinct aesthetic, offering a warm, inviting alternative to contemporary minimalism​​.

Stylish "Spathroom" inspired bathroom

Transform Bathrooms into Personal Spas

Create a tranquil retreat within your home by adopting the "spathroom" concept. Use natural materials like stone, quartz, and marble to evoke the luxury of a spa. Accentuate the space with soft lighting, plush textiles, and greenery to enhance the sense of relaxation and well-being​​.


To sum up, trends are just popular designs. You are not obligated to use trendy designs – you have free will to create something from your own mind.

Creating designs is all about imagination and dedication. Start designing step by step and take time to decide what you like. For example, what materials would you like to use for flooring or the floor finish? Have you thought about using tiles on the wall? Would you prefer paint with a decorative finish?

After choosing your perfect design aspects, you can merge these colors and palettes and create a design that fits you and your personality. Remember, making perfect designs is all about dedication and hard work, and not just copying someone else's work. Copying the whole design does not mean it is yours, but using some of its aspects will make it more your style.

Ana Kurtsikidze
Senior Architectural and Interior Designer / Founder & CEO of
US Architectural and Interior Design Consulting Company - ArcheA Studio