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Modern Rustic, Boho, and More: Styling Living Spaces

Mar 12, 2024

Have you ever wondered how furniture and decor from different eras and styles could all harmonize? How do you blend modern rustic's earthy, natural essence with the free-spirited, eclectic boho vibe without creating chaos? The challenge of marrying diverse interior design styles is daunting yet exhilarating, offering a blank canvas for creativity and personal expression.

Do you need help deciding which style you like? Or do you like two different styles equally and can’t pick between them? Do you want to mix them? Are you asking yourself if it’s possible? Why not!

Creating designs is challenging, but mixing two styles is even more so. Each design has its own color palette, and mixing them could bring chaos into an otherwise peaceful atmosphere. The space shouldn’t become too complicated, crowded, or out of composition.

With that in mind, here comes the next question: is it possible to create a design that merges two styles? Of course!

The journey into blending styles like modern rustic and boho doesn't have to be solitary. Design icons such as Justina Blakeney, Amber Lewis, and Kelly Wearstler have paved the way, demonstrating how to mix bold patterns, vibrant colors, and natural materials to create inviting spaces that reflect your personal style. Their work exemplifies the beauty of combining various elements to achieve balance and harmony in interior design.

A modern boho style.

A Guide to Combining Styles

Unified Color Palette and Materials

Creating a cohesive look starts with a unified color palette that serves as a backdrop for the mix of modern rustic and boho elements. Neutral bases allow for the introduction of rustic warmth and boho vibrancy through accessories and textiles, bridging the gap between the two styles with ease.

Furniture Selection

The art of mixing modern pieces with rustic and boho elements lies in the selection of furniture. When paired with a rustic wood coffee table and adorned with boho-chic throw pillows, a minimalist modern sofa can create a layered, cohesive, and stylish look.

Dog under a blanket.

Functionality Meets Style

In the quest for a beautiful interior, functionality cannot be overlooked – especially in pet-friendly homes. Choosing durable, easy-to-clean materials and incorporating stylish and practical accessories will ensure that the space caters to all family members, including furry ones.

Color and Design

When choosing designs, you must create palettes from the design styles you have selected. Create mood boards based on the visuals of the design styles. Decide what might match between the styles. Color code mood boards, match furniture and choose plants wisely.

It’s important to consider the space's function while merging the two styles. For example, if you’re designing a bedroom, you should prioritize comfort, but if you are designing a working area, you should aim for functionality. It’s essential to maintain a balance and avoid overcrowding, no matter the space.

Combining styles such as modern rustic and bohemian could be challenging due to the difference in visuals. However, you can experiment with different patterns and textures. Keeping an open mind is key in this situation.

These two not-so-similar styles (modern and rustic) can mix well if balanced correctly and carefully planned. The trick to blending modern and rustic styles lies in striking a balance between the organic, rough, raw elements of rustic design and the clean-cut, refined, no-frills modern aesthetics.

Boho style with splashes of color.

To blend modern and rustic elements successfully, make your color palette conducive to both. Add warmer tones like browns, soft greys, and muted greens – that color palette practically shouts rustic charm! At the same time, break up the harmonious, pastoral arrangement of earthy tones by introducing more contemporary colors with vibrant reds, sharp blues, or whimsical pastels.

When it comes to material selection, allow rustic textures and finishes to take the main stage, such as reclaimed wood, stone, and raw brick, but give them a modern makeover by juxtaposing them with sleek, modern elements like mud-treated metals, glass, or concrete for a modern edge.

Modern rustic design can be employed in various design styles, ranging from craftsman and casually cool rustic to restrained Scandinavian. Primarily, balance is essential for a modern rustic space. If you want to establish a harmonious balance between rustic, comforting warmth, and modern refinement, allow one feature to complement and enhance the other as you create a style that works for you.

Boho style, short for bohemian style, draws inspiration from the bohemian culture's unconventional, artistic, and free-spirited lifestyle. It embraces a relaxed approach, often incorporating elements from various cultures, periods, and design aesthetics.

Characteristics commonly associated with the boho style include natural materials like wood and stone, rich textures and patterns in textiles, handcrafted and vintage elements such as artisanal pottery and antique furniture, abundant plants, and greenery to bring nature inside, open and airy spaces with large windows and glass doors, cozy nooks and relaxing spaces for lounging and socializing, and artistic accents like paintings and sculptures that celebrate creativity and self-expression.

Overall, boho-style architecture creates a laid-back and inviting atmosphere that prioritizes individuality, creativity, and a connection to nature.

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