Pet Portrait on Canvas

Pet portrait with a personal touch

Do you like art? Do you love your pets? Do you want to combine those two together to create the ultimate masterpiece? DIY Pet Portraits are your choice!

This item is perfect for pet lovers and art lovers who want to add some extra personal touch to creation of the picture and who enjoy fun artistic activities. Your loved ones will appreciate this unique and thoughtful gift for a long time!

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Get a wonderful custom PET PORTRAIT from your pet's photo!

We are a team of talented pet artists working in different artistic styles. Being pet parents ourselves we know how important pets are for people! Here in our website you can find a variety of styles and size options for pet portraits - from classic realistic portraits and caricatures to modern digital artwork. 

Please take a moment to have a browse around the site to see all the beautiful portraits we offer. It's extremely important for us to not only make regular portraits of animals, but put our heart into every portrait to show your pet's personality and character. If you are looking for a gift for your friend or searching for a new decoration for your home, this is what you need!