T Thomas Phillips

Furry Stars: The Potential Earnings of TikTok's Canine Celebrities

May 5, 2023

Have you ever wondered how much your favorite furry TikTok stars could potentially earn per sponsored post?

Our recent research delved into the social media profiles of well-known TikTok canines and utilized an Influencer Marketing Calculator to pinpoint the most influential dogs on social media and estimate their earnings per sponsored TikTok post when collaborating with brands.

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The Canine Impact on TikTok:

Dogs have undoubtedly left their paw prints on the platform, as evidenced by the impressive number of views garnered by the hashtags '#dog,' '#DogsOfTikTok,' and '#dogs' - a staggering 413.8 billion, 198 billion, and 138.3 billion views, respectively.

Below is a list of these adorable canine influencers, along with their estimated earnings per sponsored post and the number of followers they have on TikTok.


 TikTok Name

Estimated Earnings Per Post

Followers Average Hearts Per Video Engagement Rate


$6,656 - $11,094

11M 100,057 0.90%


$4,997 - $8,328

8M 19,034 0.23%
@DougthePug $3,599 - $5,999 6M 4,254 0.07%
@Elliegoldenlife $3,533 - $5,889 6M 39,741 0.67%
@AGuyandaGolden $3,479 - $5,798 6M 37,818
@mayapolarbear $3,443 - $5,738 6M 19,440 0.34%
@minging888 $3,061 - $5,101 5M 374 0.01%
@Dog_and_his_Boomer $2,901 - $4,835 5M 933 0.02%
@lifewithkleekai $2,678 - $4,464 4M 4,208 0.09%
@noah_and_lincoln $2,169 - $3,615 4M 20,200 0.56%
@boomer_the_landcloud $1,976 - $3,294 3M 2,025 0.06%
@cocothemaltesedog $1,575 - $2,625 3M 11,475 0.44%
@arrowtotherescue $1,380 - $2,301 2M 194 0.01%
@LadyAndTheBlues $1,085 - $1,808 2M 5,138 0.28%

The phenomenal success of these canine influencers highlights the potential for pet owners to turn their pets' unique personalities and talents into lucrative opportunities on social media platforms like TikTok. If you're a proud pet owner, you might be inspired to transform your own pet into an on-camera superstar and social media sensation! You can join the Pet Portraits referral program and earn $30 per sale made.