Two Dog Portraits

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  • Carefully Crafted by Real Artists: Our skilled digital artists craft each two dog portrait manually, not machines. No filters or apps, just love, skill, and a highly technical design process.

  • Quick Preview & Easy Edits: We send a preview link within 5 days (weekdays). Unlimited revisions until you're happy. Or your money back, guaranteed.

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  • Free & Fast Shipping: Once printed and approved, your art arrives in 3-5 days. Proudly printed in America.

  • Help Rescued Dogs: With each purchase, we give 5 meals to rescued dogs. It's all included in the price!

  • Uniquely Yours: Every canvas ships with a special card that certifies it's a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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Our artists aren't computers; they're real people who love what they do. Each piece of art is handcrafted to make you say "wow!"

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Your purchase helps us feed 5 rescued dogs. You're not just buying art; you're making a dog's day better.

Photo Guide
Photo Guide
Photo Guidelines

Still not sure if your photos will work?

Usually, the first uploaded photo is perfect. If it doesn't meet our standards, we'll quickly let you know and help find a better option before processing your order.

We often make portraits of pets who are no longer with us, so it's okay if you can't meet all the guidelines.

Uploading images with 2 or more pets is also accepted.

Often, we can still create a great portrait. If unsure, send your photos to us at and our Client Relationship Manager will check them for you.

Size Guide
Size Guide
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How 2 Pet Portraits Work

Choose Your Pet Photos

Upload two pet photos and we're good to go! We can work with almost any picture. If it's not right, we'll contact you.

Select Your Portrait Options

Add your pet's name, pick your favorite background, frame and size. Your pet's portrait will be uniquely yours.

Skilled Artists & Quick Previews

Our digital artists craft portraits with care within 5 days. Easily request revisions. Satisfaction or refund. Guaranteed.

Feeding Rescued Dogs with Every Purchase

For every order at Pet Portraits, we donate 5 meals to rescued dogs. Our commitment to animal welfare has already provided over 5,500 meals!

Choose Your 2 Dog Portrait Style

Cartoon Custom Pet Portrait


Playful and fun, perfect for a quirky pet vibe.

Impressionist Custom Pet Portrait


Classic and elegant, radiating a luxury style.

Watercolor Custom Pet Portrait


Artistic, dreamlike tribute to cherished pets.

Authentic Customer Experiences

🎨 Meet Our Lead Artist: Elliot

Elliot, our Lead Designer, infuses his love for pets into every unique masterpiece at Pet Portraits. His passion and artistry ensure each portrait is a heartwarming reflection of your furry friend.

A Word From Elliot:

"Combining my love for art and animals is my passion. Each portrait is a chance to bring joy to pet lovers. I can't wait to create something special for you!"

Frequently Asked Questions

After our artists create your pet's portrait using state-of-the-art printing technology, you'll receive a digital preview via email and SMS within 5 days (weekdays). You'll have the opportunity to review the artwork, request changes, and ensure the design captures your pet's unique magic perfectly.

We pride ourselves on creating a premium, lasting keepsake that you'll love. If you're not completely satisfied with the preview of your artwork, our artists will make unlimited revisions. If, after these revisions, you're still not satisfied, we offer a full refund. Additionally, for every order, we feed 5 rescued dogs with the charity group, The Kindness Ranch.

A clear, well-lit photo showing your pet's entire face helps our artists accurately capture your pet's unique features on our hand-stretched, poly-cotton blend canvas. The better the photo, the more vibrant and true-to-life your water and fade-resistant artwork will be. For more tips, please refer to our Photo Guide.

Once you've approved the artwork, we'll print it on our premium, 1.25" thick canvas and ship it to you. Shipping times vary by location: 3-5 days for the USA, 5-7 days for UK/Europe, and 5-8 days for the rest of the world.

Your canvas print will be ready to hang with pre-installed sawtooth hangers, and it will come with rubber bumpers to protect your walls and keep the print straight.

Absolutely! Our artists are skilled at creating portraits of all pets, no matter the species or breed. Whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, or even something more exotic, we can turn them into a beautiful piece of art on our durable canvas prints.

The ideal size for your canvas depends on where you plan to display it. Our hand-stretched, poly-cotton blend canvases come in a variety of sizes. For a small space or desk, an 8" x 10" might be perfect, while a larger wall might benefit from a 24" x 32" piece. No matter the size, all our canvases are 1.25" thick, providing a sturdy and durable display. If you're unsure, check out our Size Guide for more advice.

And remember, both framed and unframed prints come ready to hang with pre-installed sawtooth hangers, making it easier for you to showcase your pet's stunning portrait.

Our premium frame, known as a floating frame, adds an extra layer of sophistication to your pet's portrait. These frames, available in matte black and white finishes, are made from eco-friendly and sustainable FSC Certified solid wood. They enhance the artwork by creating a 'floating' effect, perfect for those seeking a premium feel for their pet's portrait.

Your pet's privacy is our utmost priority. After your custom art piece is completed, we immediately and securely delete the photo from our system. We do not sell, distribute, or use your pet's photos for any other purposes beyond creating your commissioned artwork.

A two dog portrait is a specialized form of artwork that focuses on capturing the essence and individuality of two dogs in a single piece. This type of portrait is highly sought after by pet owners who wish to immortalize their furry companions in a unique and artistic manner. Often created by professional artists, these portraits can be rendered in various artistic styles including cartoon, impressionist, or watercolor, catering to a wide range of aesthetic preferences.

In the realm of pet portraiture, a two dog portrait holds a special place. It not only showcases the physical characteristics of each dog but also aims to encapsulate their personalities and the bond they share. These portraits often serve as a beautiful reminder of the pets' presence in an owner's life, making them a popular choice for those wanting to celebrate their pets or memorialize them.

Professional artists specializing in pet portraits use various mediums to bring these artworks to life. From traditional oil paints to modern digital tools, the choice of medium can significantly influence the style and feel of the portrait. Cartoon style portraits, for instance, tend to be more whimsical and fun, often exaggerating features for a playful effect. Impressionist portraits, on the other hand, offer a more abstract and emotional representation, focusing on light and color to convey the essence of the pets. Watercolor portraits provide a softer, more ethereal look, often appreciated for their delicate and dreamy quality.

The process of creating a two dog portrait usually begins with the pet owner providing photographs of their dogs to the artist. These photographs serve as a reference for the artist to capture the dogs' appearances accurately. Communication between the artist and the pet owner is crucial in this stage, as it ensures the final portrait aligns with the owner's expectations in terms of style, background, and overall feel.

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